Energy Consumer Information Workshop

Delivering a New Deal for Energy Consumers:
Unlocking Energy Efficiency in Heating and Cooling through Metering,
Energy Services and Frequent Informative Billing and Feedback

25th February 2016, Brussels, Belgium



The Commission's July 2015 Communication on "Delivering A New Deal for Energy Consumers" highlighted the importance of "Providing consumers with frequent access, including in near real-time, to partially standardised, meaningful, accurate and understandable information on consumption and related costs as well as the types of energy sources". Feedback and information to consumers is important not just in the electricity and gas markets but also for heating and cooling where it can make a strong contribution to efficient energy use and savings. In the context of the forthcoming strategy putting renewed focus on Heating and Cooling, and of the ongoing review of the EU's Energy Efficiency and Energy Performance in Buildings Directives ("EED" and "EPBD"), this workshops aimed to put the spotlight on current practices and untapped potentials in the area of informative billing and feedback on consumption of heating and cooling.

The EED requires Member States to ensure that individual billing of energy takes place on the basis of actual consumption at least once a year and that billing information is made available at least twice yearly or at even quarterly where the consumers have requested it or opted to receive electronic billing. Different types of models and solutions for the creation of energy awareness among citizens and frequent informative billing were presented and discussed at this event.

Special attention was given to tenants living in multi-apartment buildings who often do not know how much thermal energy they consume and how to influence their consumption or bills. New information services can bring awareness, change of habits empowerment of consumers.
With this workshop the aim was to give stakeholders the opportunity to discuss technical, legal, socio-economic and policy issues and thereby inform and contribute to the ongoing review of relevant EU policy instruments.

Workshop Programme

 Thursday, 25th February 2016, 8.30 - 16.30hrs, Brussels, Belgium

Moderator: Simon Robinson, Director, empirica, Bonn, Germany

09:00 - 09:10


Welcome and Introduction

  • Paul Hodson, European Commission, DG Energy

09:10 - 10:30

Keynote Speeches and Setting the Scene


Europe’s Political Responsibility for Efficient Energy Use

  • Claude Turmes, MEP

The Contribution of Sub-Metering to Europe’s Energy Objectives

  • Walter Schmidt, President, EVVE Germany

EU Provisions on Energy Consumption/Billing Information

  • NN, European Commission, DG Energy/empirica

10:30 -11:00

Coffee Break

10:30 -11:00

Frequent Informative Billing - Models and Solutions 


ICT-based Awareness Raising Services in Social Housing

  • Ivan Verhaert, Zonnige Kempen, Westerlo, Belgium

Mobile Energy Management and Awareness Services for Tenants

  • Frank Geml, LINZ AG, Austria

Energy Management and Awareness Services in Public Buildings

  • Paul Isbell, Energy Manager, Bristol City Council, United Kingdom

Disclosure of Energy Sources to Heating Customers

  • Birger Lauersen, International Chef/Manager International Affairs, Danish District Heating Association

12:30 – 13:00

Plenary Discussion

13:00 – 14:00

Lunch Break

14:00 - 15:30

Frequent Informative Billing – Evidence, Impact and Action


Impact of Feedback about Energy Consumption

  • Erika Zvingilaite, Denmark

Dena Model Project “Saving Money through Clever Heating”

  • Sonja Leidner, Project Manager,  German Energy Agency (DENA)

Evidence Base: Effects through Frequent Informative Billing for Heating and Cooling

  • Georg Vogt, Research Consultant, empirica, Bonn, Germany

The Impact of Billing Information on Energy Consumption

  • Eriona Dashja, Research Consultant, empirica, Bonn, Germany

 15:30 - 16:20

Panel Discussion


Energy Metering, Frequent Billing and Disclosure– the Way to (cost) Effective and Efficient Energy Savings?


  • Mariell Juhlin, Chief Economist, Swedish Union of Tenants
  • Michael MacBrien, Director General, European Property Federation
  • Mikkel Jungshoved, BL Danish Social Housing
  • Walter Schmidt, President, EVVE Germany
  • Birger Lauersen, International Chef/Manager International Affairs, Danish District Heating Association

ModeratorNiels Ladefoged, European Commission, DG Energy, Unit C3

16:20 -16:30


Concluding Remarks and Next Steps

NN, European Commission/empirica