Second Workshop

Draft EU Guidelines on the implementation of EED Articles 9-11

22nd October 2015, Brussels, Belgium

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Purpose and content

The workshop aimed at discussing draft EU Guidelines on the implementation of Articles 9-11 of the EED with respect to technical and cost-effectiveness criteria for (sub-)metering and provision of billing information of heating/cooling and hot water.
A draft of the guidelines has been finalised by Empirica on the basis of analysis and discussions at a previous workshop in Berlin in June.
The draft was provided to participants in advance of the workshop, and all sections of the guidelines were the subject of focussed presentations. Time was reserved to allow a full discussion between national representatives and other stakeholders on details.


The workshop was organised by the consultancy Empirica within the framework of a contract with  DG for Energy of the European Commission: "Study - ENER/C3/2013-977:Analysis of good practices and development of guidelines for accurate and fair allocation of costs for individual consumption of heating, cooling and domestic hot water in multi-apartment and multi-purpose buildings to support the implementation of relevant provisions of the Articles 9-11 of the Directive 2012/27/EU on energy efficiency".

Workshop Programme

Introduction - The EED in implementation

  • EED Provisions on Metering and Billing of Individual Consumption of Heating/Cooling/Hot Water
  • Approaches: literal transposition, prior regulation, decision support

Defining building classes 

  • Viable building classes and exempted building classes
  • Obligated actor
  • Ease of recognition of building classes
  • Application of test cases for building class exemption
  • Guideline on building classes (BC01-BC05)
  • Open building classes
  • The timing of building assessment
  • Viable transition to frequent informative billing
  • Guideline on building classes (BC06 - BC08)

Building assessment 

  • Technical feasibility
  • Level of control
  • Benefit calculation
  • Assessment modification criteria
  • Accounting period and discount rate
  • Guideline on building assessment (BA01 - BA09)

Compiling the Costs 

  • Competitive costs
  • The requirement for estimated costs
  • Requirement for quotation to determine competitive costs
  • Guideline on competitive and estimated costs

Building measures 

  • EED building measures and their components
  • Guideline on building classes (BC09)
  • Levels of service: consumption-based cost allocation and frequent informative billing
  • Guideline on EED building measures (BM01 -  BM04)

Evidence base 

  • Temperature and ventilation effects through consumption-based cost allocation for heating and cooling
  • Temperature and ventilation effects through frequent informative billing for heating and cooling
  • Hot water usage effects
  • Guideline on evidence base (EB01 - EB02)

Support and monitoring

  • Supporting and monitoring EED implementation
  • Calculation aid
  • Guideline on support and monitoring (SM01 - SM03)

Allocation rules for thermal energy costs

  • The role of allocation rules
  • Allocation rules in Germany
  • Allocation rules in Denmark
  • Variable and fixed costs of thermal energy provision
  • Guideline on allocation rules for thermal energy costs
  • Glossary