Welcome to the website Towards EU Guidelines on the implementation of EED Articles 9-11.

The Energy Efficiency Directive (2012/27/EU, "EED") as a general rule requires Member States to ensure that all final end-costumers benefit from individual metering and billing of their energy consumption. It is possible to make exceptions in situations where this is not technically feasible or cost-efficient. Such exceptions, however, will need to be justified on the basis of an assessment (of viability, using cost-benefit analysis) of measures specified in Articles 9-11 of the EED.

The current version of the Guidelines is available for download from the European Commission DG Energy web-site.

For multi-apartment/purpose buildings with a common, central source of supply the EED contains specific provisions on the introduction of individual metering of heat/cool/domestic hot water or heat cost allocators and individual billing, but also include rules for cost allocation and improvements in frequency of provision and clarity of billing information. Such buildings represent a significant energy savings potential but there are a number of issues to consider when assessing feasibility and cost-efficiency.”